My Results – My Juicing Journey

My 21-Day Juice Fast

"Oh, yeah, I lost 23 pounds too!"

I first started researching juicing about eight years ago. I bought my first juicer and stacked the refrigerator with so many fruits and vegetables  that I ran out of room in the refrigerator and had to get a cooler for the overflow of fruits and vegetables. Yes, I bought that many! I had purchased a book on juicing and I was determined to try each and every recipe in a 10-day period. Hahaha, so ambitious! That was my first attempt at a 10 -day juice fast and I actually only made it to Day 4 before I gave up and tossed out all of the uneaten fruits and vegetables, most of which had either wilted or gone bad. I just couldn’t do it! The juice recipes I was following were terrible. Event though they were supposed to be good for my heart, my immune system and joints, I couldn’t get most of it down because it was NASTY!

So come full circle to present day, I was still fighting some of the same battles and decided that enough was enough. I was ready for a change and wanted to try something that I could commit to and stick to for a designated period of time. I decided to try a 21-day juice. I was a bit apprehensive due to my previous experience. I knew that I was not a fan of vegetables and that too much fruit wasn’t a good thing either, but I was determined to give it a try. I did make a commitment to myself that I would NOT drink NASTY juice! If I made a juice that didn’t taste good, I was not going to force myself to get it down. I was prepared to toss it out and start over. I knew that if I forced myself to drink NASTY juice that I would eventually quit the process and use that as an excuse to break the fast.

Well I am proud to say that I SURVIVED my first 21-Day Juice Fast and I learned so much along the way! Not only about the process of juicing and the many health benefits, but I learned a lot about myself! I created this website and an eBook to help others along their juicing journey journey. My goal is to share all of the knowledge I learned through my research and to share the many tips and tricks I learned to successfully complete a fast.

“I honestly had no idea that a 21-day juice fast would change my life!"